Air conditioner maintenance tips from the experts

With the soaring temperatures on the Rise again it is important that your air conditioning unit works efficiently. However you can also take certain steps to ensure proper cooling. It is necessary to go for a air conditioning maintenance at least once every six months. If your AC is running round the clock then maintenance visit every three months might be necessary.

Aside from the scheduled maintenance visits it is also important that you to try to follow these steps in order to ensure the efficiency of your cooling unit.


Clean the filters on a regular basis

One of the most important maintenance tasks which you need to keep up every month or so is to clean the air filters. It actually depends on your cooling unit that whether you would need to change the filters or clean them. If you have plastic filters you might need to replace them once every month. If you are not sure about the kind of filter to use your dealer can recommend one for you based on your system. There are a variety of sizes available in the market it is important that you check with the user manual so you are able to replace them with the right size filters. However if your air conditional is a being used constantly and there is a lot of dust around the area where you live you may need to give more frequent attention to the feature of your air conditioner. Make sure that you have a detailed talk with the maintenance staff at aircon Toowoomba to get an idea about how often you need to change your filters.


Keep the air conditioner coil clean

The air conditioner coil is collecting dirt all the time. If the debris builds up it might reduce the airflow and the insulation around the coil. It will reduce its ability to absorb the heat. If your condenser coils are outdoor they might become dirty if the environment around is dusty or there are too many trees around it. In order to avoid this problem it is important to have your AC technician clean the air conditioner coil on a regular basis.

Get rid of the debris

Debris like leaves, dust and grass can build up around the outside part of your air conditioner. Too much build up can create a problem for your system and also reduce its airflow. It is important that you trim all the shrubs and plants back from the air conditioner to prevent the air flow from becoming impeded. Also make sure that you straighten the vents which are present on the evaporator and condenser for stop this can easily get bent over time when can block the air flow through the coil. When you call in an expert for the maintenance of air conditioner they are going to check these pieces individually at the maintenance visit and straighten them if required.

Keeping your unit in top shape starts from expert air conditioning installation Toowoomba, regular maintenance, and proper repair.

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