Top Five Things to Consider Before Building an Annex at Your Home

An annex becomes useful when your main home is overstuffed and you need extra space to keep your things. You can also build an annex at your home to provide your guests or children with private living space.

While keeping all these benefits in mind, you need to consider certain factors before you resort to installing an annex at your place. The reason why we always urge people to consider certain factors before doing something is to save them from mistakes that they could have easily avoided if they were wary of certain things.

So let us look at these crucial factors that will influence your annex building prowess.

Factors that influence building an annex

  • Shape and size of the annex

Annexes come in different shapes and designs and it is your task to identify the one that suits your needs. The size that you will install in your home will depend on the available space at your place. Additionally, you will find the right size of an annex by evaluating how much space you need to store your belongings.

  • All-weather-resistant

Since an annex will face many kinds of extreme climatic conditions, you must ensure that it has all the features needed to stay strong despite the odds. In that case, not even torrential rainfall, extreme solar radiation, or snow would damage that annex.

  • Durability

When buying an annex, you expect it to last for several years just like you would expect an ordinary home. In this case, you should find out if the materials used to build the annex are durable. Moreover, you should choose a suitable position to install your annex because some positions may cause it to face many calamities that would end up breaking it. You can ask experts to help you in identifying a suitable location for your annex.

  • Energy-efficiency

Today, most people are opting for solutions that reduce their energy bills by making efficient use of energy, and an annex is not an exclusion. You have to check whether the annex you want is well equipped to make maximum use of the available energy. It would also be an added advantage if that annex has more than one way of harnessing energy because there are free ways that you can easily get energy. For example, the annex is equipped with solar panels to make use of solar energy during the daytime.

  • Warrant

At the bottom of the list comes another crucial thing to check in an annex, a warrant. When buying a new annex, ask for a warrant so that in case the structure becomes faulty in a matter of days, you will get free maintenance and repair services.

Why an annex installation expert may be the better option

Installing an annex requires a lot of experience and creativity to get everything right. As a result, hiring an annex installation expert will be the only perfect option. An installation expert will first listen to your requirements and note them somewhere, then they will assess the place you wish to install your annex. After conducting thorough examinations, they will advise you on several things that need to be done before, during, and after installing an annex. Besides, when you face challenges in the future, you can call the expert from Kakadu Annexes to help you out because of the bond between you, they may end up providing the subsequent services at absolutely lower charges.


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