Tips on how to start an apprenticeship

Are you planning to start an apprenticeship? Do you think that it is the right path for your career? If you believe it is a clear path for your career, you may be planning to start an apprenticeship soon. You might be worried about how to start an apprenticeship especially if nobody has told you what to expect. However, be easy on yourself since with the following tips on how to start an apprenticeship, you will have a great time and you will achieve your career goals without too much struggle.


Tips on starting an apprenticeship

  • Research about the company you will be joining

You want to be sure that you are joining the right company for your apprenticeship. Therefore, you must take some time to research the company to ensure that you know whether it fits you and your goals or not. This is because you’re career matters and the first tip that will always make you successful while you are thinking of how to start an apprenticeship is making sure you learn in the right company.

  • Make friends

When you are starting the apprenticeship, you need to know that you will be meeting a group of new people. Since you are also a part of the group, you need to make some friends. This is because the people in the group will have a great influence on your career. You are also required to offer each other support despite your disagreements and differences.

  • Remember everyone is equal

When most people think of careers they wonder what will be commonplace when they are starting apprenticeships. However, even if you are an apprentice, you should not belittle yourself when you are with your colleagues. This is because even if you are learning and they are more experienced than you, you are equal in the company and should remind yourself of this.

  • Observe your seniors

The other tip on how to start an apprenticeship is observing your seniors when they are working.  In apprenticeship, people learn through observation and practicals. Therefore, you should observe the way your superiors are working and conducting themselves as they interact with clients. This is to ensure that you also learn what is expected of you from the best.

  • Always ask questions

Asking questions whenever you do not understand something or if it’s unclear is important. Asking helps you have a complete understanding of what to do in your trade. It also helps you to avoid making mistakes when working. Learn to ask the seniors questions to have clarity in everything you are having trouble with.  If you shy off, you will not know what you are supposed to do or how you are expected to behave in certain situations. This may leave a negative impression on the seniors yet you must be impressive.

  • Prepare for observations

Your assessors will always notify you before they visit your company for assessment. This is to make sure that you know what they will be observing you do. You need to make sure that you prepare for the observations adequately to ensure that you pass your assessment.


  • Set time for completing assignments

When you are an apprentice, you have to complete some assignments monthly. Therefore, even if you work full time, you have to make sure that you set time to work on your assignment.

Starting an apprenticeship is a great idea for you if you want to follow this career path. It comes with many benefits as compared to attending classes every day. Also, starting an apprenticeship is an exciting phase of your career and comes with so many learning opportunities. If you are wondering how to start an apprenticeship successfully, make use of the above tips.





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